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Re: LVM not fit for default

Oh, and Joachim,

I don't think it was a Hardware issue, I just think I got some sort of data corruption and it messed up the partition table, and since LVM handles the management of Logical Volumes on Real Partitions, there were no partitions that I could e2fsck.....



On 12/24/06, Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:
> First of all I have experienced the same "no help hell" with lvm when
> it crashes. (not if, when) I had FC3 installed on my Compaq R3000
> Series notebook, default settings, except for package options. Ran
> that for about three weeks. I reinstall testing out new distros quite
> a lot, so I don't worry about backing up the entire system, and
> something happened with the system, the kernel panicked  when it
> couldn't find a root FS. Same problem as andy.
> Basically All I'm trying to say is that yes it fails sometime, no it
> is a cool thing to have, but either give us some tools on default
> install/rescue disc to combat the issue, or take it out unless the
> system detects a RAID array.
> Thanks guys,
> Chris

Come on, "FC3" got released *three*years* ago, so it's not appropriate to make an argument out of this for discussing today's maturity of "LVM". Btw, I have been using "LVM" exclusively for 3 years now [exact, since I first installed "FC3"], and I have never ever had any trouble with it at all. Maybe you encountered a hardware problem?
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