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Re: Patterned slow-down over the entire GNOME desktop

darrell pfeifer wrote:
I have a two year old laptop that uses the radeon driver.

The last few kernels from rawhide left a really sluggish response.
Switching between virtual screens gave a really noticeable repaint. I
also had the feeling that I/O in general was very slow.

The latest 1806 kernel is much better, so this might not be an X problem.

My feeling was more some sort of scheduler problem, with apps being randomly starved. As long as you stayed in the same app everything was very fast, trying to switch or launch a new app would either be reasonably fast of slow as hell. Starvation was not linked to any particular app, more (like Ivan noted) to launch ordering.

I never noticed any particular load peak that could explain the slowdowns. And this box had 256 MB which is not bad for its generation and the only reason it can still be used.

Nicolas Mailhot

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