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release notes beats translation freeze for FC5 test2

To create a content freeze for translation for FC5 test2, we are taking
a snapshot of Docs/Beats to convert into XML.  The milestone was
Midnight UTC 02 January, which has passed.  

We'll be converting the content over the next twelve hours.
Expect the snapshot from the Wiki to be in CVS by around 17:00 UTC 03

The Wiki remains open for changes.  New content goes into the Web-only
latest relnotes that are posted at the time of the test release.

If you think you have a content change that needs to make it into the

1. Contact your beat writer[1], or 
2. Make the content change to the Wiki[2]

Then come to #fedora-docs or send email to <relnotes (at) fedoraproject
(dot) org> to draw our attention to the change.



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