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Re: Using yum to Update to Development

Rahul Sundaram wrote :

> > I am trying to use yum to update one of my FC4 boxes to latest set of 
> > development packages. However it fails on a number of dependencies and 
> > I can't seem get around them even by installing them manually.  Is 
> > there any documentation outlining the steps on upgrade from FC4 to the 
> > development packages. libssl.so.5 and libcrypto.so.5 seems causing 
> > most of the problems.
> >  
> > --> Running transaction check
> > --> Processing Dependency: libssl.so.5 for package: proftpd
> > --> Processing Dependency: libcrypto.so.5 for package: proftpd
> > --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> > Error: Missing Dependency: libssl.so.5 is needed by package proftpd
> > Error: Missing Dependency: libcrypto.so.5 is needed by package proftpd
> >
> Proftpd seems to be using older libs not available in the current 
> development tree. yum remove proftpd and try again. Kindly post to 
> fedora-test list for such questions in the future. Also see 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/TestingGuide

Proftpd doesn't rebuild on current FC development. As FC5 gets nearer, I
really (as the owner of the proftpd component in Extras) need to look into
this... but help is welcome of course ;-)


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