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Re: Thunderbird editor

Michael Favia wrote:
D Canfield wrote:
One example: Place the cursor in the middle of a line inside a paragraph of text. Press the up or down arrow and the cursor moves to beginning or end of the next line, not to the same position in the line as is expected. I don't remember all the problems off the top of my head, but that's the sort of thing I'm seeing when things work. The crashes I can't repeat on demand. Though I've noticed that it's usually when I'm replying to people and often will happen twice when working on the same reply. So maybe it's something with the quoting functionality.

Wow. Missed it till now but +1 on the arrow up behavior. Bugzillaing it would help resolve the issue. Any others youd like to confirm? -mf

177436 on the cursor tracking bug, and 176227 already existed on the crashing.
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