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Re: SATA Suspend Kernel Patch

On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 11:28:32AM -0500, D Canfield wrote:
 > D Canfield wrote:
 > >Is there any chance we're going to see the SATA Suspend kernel patch 
 > >included in FC5 (BZ 169201)?  I don't understand what the holdup is 
 > >from it getting into Linus's tree (he's asked someone to submit it to 
 > >him), but every other major distro seems to be using it successfully 
 > >and it seems like one of the test releases would be a good time to try 
 > >it if there's concern about it's stability.  Just wondering if anyone 
 > >knew the status.
 > >
 > >Thanks
 > >DC
 > >
 > Following up, the thinkwiki suggests that this patch is now in the 
 > kernel 2.6.16 development.  So now the patch is "blessed."  Maybe it can 
 > wait for 2.6.16 to be rolled in, but my concern is now with timing.  
 > Will kernel updates be rolled in all through FC development, or will 
 > there be a stabilizing point at which the kernel needs to freeze (more 
 > than just a week or two before release, I mean)?

We considered stopping at .15 and letting things simmer for a few
weeks to nail down any problems, but from initial impressions, .15
isn't particularly stable (especially in the VM dept), and there's a
bunch of .16rc bits that we'll definitly want in FC5 (sky2, sata
suspend, various other driver updates) so rebasing to .16rc after
test2 isn't a painfully hard decision to make.

We froze at .15 for test2 because the first few snapshots
after a point release are usually way too bumpy, and then
even out over time.   For those who want to live on the razors edge,
my page at http://people.redhat.com/davej/kernels/Fedora/devel should
have the latest upstream snapshot based kernels that will go out
to rawhide post-test2.

 > And more generally, will FC5 be as aggressive with updates (both kernel 
 > and otherwise) as FC4, or was that a special circumstance due to the 
 > long development window for FC5?  Just curious.

It'll continue to rebase to newer upstream point releases, as previous
FC releases have.


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