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Re: In search of a PyGtk and Glade tutorial

Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
Hey guys,

I want to attempt my first GUI program. I would like to use PyGtk and Glade. RIgth now I am having serious issues understanding the basics of layout with Gtk (the last time I did a GUI app was in Delphi) I am just not gettign the widgets to go into any type of proportion. When I use the box widgets for layout, they seem to immediately take up all the space.

So I am looking for recommendation on a Glade tutorial. I have done sone googling, but most of the results i see aren't to actual tutorials.

Please advise. I would like to begin contributting but need to develop these skills.

Thank you.
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Hi Arthur,

I think the best way ! to learn programming for creating packages for Fedora is, read the code of the existing applications. You can select smaller packages like system-config-languages, system-config-mouse to read/understand the behaviour of coding. That's what i did before creating my first package.

However, i have some useful links for Python & GTK, which may help you.


Ankit Patel

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