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Re: rawhide report: 20060110 changes [extras packages moved to core]

On 01/11/2006 06:04 AM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

There is one *BIG* difference between gthumb and f-spot

gthumb can be used for casual browsing/manipulation of any directory
containing image files

f-spot can not - in insists in importing/pre-processing ever picture
directory before making it available. So it's more a centralised picture
management app

Till f-spot gets a "casual browsing mode" it's not a real gthumb replacement

You're assuming that a directory viewer (which we already have in nautilus, though it is not targeted to just images) is more valuable to the image user than a centralized app. In other words, before trying to replace functionality, first ask whether the functionality was really useful to begin with. For most people, the answer is not really. The end user thinks in terms of time, not directory structure on a disk. "Those photos from last summer's vacation" instead of "those photos i uploaded somewhere onto my machine, lets see not here... i thought they were here... well ... they are around here somewhere". If you want to browse file/directory structures, use nautilus. Gthumb isn't that good of a nautilus replacement anyway.

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