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Re: Slow refresh: nautilus

Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:
Hi, you might remember I wrote about patterned slowdown over the GNOME desktop last week. Since then my superblock was corrupted, the entire root partition was lost, and I had to reinstall (twice). On the bright side, the new Fedora system is much faster than before, and does not suffer from the slowdown issue. I am using the latest kernel now, with the oss nv driver.

But... I do see a strange issue, that I don't think is normal. When switching from a maximized app to an empty workspace, redraw of the background is particularly slow - it takes about 1 sec on Athlon 1600+. During that time the icons disappear. This might not seem slow, but it gets really annoying. The CPU spikes to 100% every time. I see the same thing when opening new folders in nautilus. I don't use nautilus for file management, but I imagine this would be really annoying for those that do. (as an aside, I am trying to test this w/ fullscreen folders, but the spatial feature that remembers where each folder was opened and how large it is doesn't seem to work currently)

Is anyone else seeing the same issue.....
I was not seeing this before, but I was using the accelerated nvidia driver.

I'm seeing the same things and in my case it has to do with Xorg hitting fallback paths and using the CPU where it should use the on-card blitter. This happens with the radeon driver (on an r300 based card) and the nv driver (on a gforce 2mx). It seems pixmaps are stored in host memory rather than the on-card memory which prevents the blitter from accessing them.


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