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Re: Checksum Failing (Was Re: More mass rebuilds for GCC)

Janina Sajka wrote:
Really delighted to see the new compat-libstdc++ today, but getting the
following attempting to yum them down:

Sorry about the trouble. This error is due to a combination of two factors. We signed the previously unsigned packages, but forgot to repocreate the metadata again. Your yum grabbed the unsigned metadata, which didn't match the checksums on the newly signed packages.

Unfortunately everyone that grabbed metadata prior to signing will need to clear their yum cache. Even though today's rawhide is consistent between packages and metadata, everyone will need to use "yum clean headers metadata" in order to proceed with further updates.

I consider this to be a bug in yum. Once we accidentally pushed an unsigned package in FC4 Updates. When realizing the problem Sopwith signed and re-pushed it, but anybody who had already downloaded the unsigned header forever was stuck being unable to upgrade. Because we had no choice, we had to rebuild the package so yum would re-grab headers and continue updating stuff without manual intervetion.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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