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Re: Interesting results for getservbyname() performance (and possible changes for /etc/services)

Ulrich Drepper wrote:
Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

AFAIK nscd can cache everything going through nsswitch.conf, including

No, you're wrong.  nscd  only caches passwd, group, hosts data.  Nothing

And I'm reluctant to add support for rarely used other services because
the cost doesn't really justify the gains.  For this problem, as I told
Phil already internally, I think it's perfectly fine to use nss_db.
It's really static data so updating the database when a) the
/etc/services file changes or b) the nss_db implementation changes, is
no big issue.

I've quickly ran some tests with this change. Here the results:

Unkown service "foobar":
  old:    7.65user 5.51system 2:06.60elapsed
  new:    63.99user 10.55system 3:09.55elapsed
  old.db: 9.38user 14.36system 2:17.05elapsed
  new.db: 66.80user 19.56system 3:22.44elapsed

Known service "svn" (roughly in the middle of both files):
  old:    1.92user 0.42system 0:02.35elapsed
  new:    39.91user 3.52system 0:43.43elapsed
  old.db: 0.60user 8.30system 0:08.91elapsed
  new.db: 0.72user 8.48system 0:09.21elapsed

Known service "ssh" (very early in both files):
  old:    0.20user 0.27system 0:00.47elapsed
  new:    0.26user 0.28system 0:00.55elapsed
  old.db: 0.68user 8.53system 0:09.22elapsed
  new.db: 0.62user 8.41system 0:09.04elapsed

The result here is fairly interesting again. For small /etc/services files or if almost always only the first 40-50 services are requested the non-db version wins always. The bigger the file gets though and the more "later" services are requested the faster the db version gets (fairly logical of course).

So the use of the db version depends on wether your applications use a wide range of services and if your /etc/services file is big. As almost always, there is no perfect solution for everyone.

Read ya, Phil

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