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Re: Interesting results for getservbyname() performance ( and possible changes for /etc/services)

Lamont R. Peterson wrote:
On Thursday 12 January 2006 09:52am, Paul A Houle wrote:

Nils Philippsen wrote:

nscd can't (or at least doesn't) take advantage of knowing about local
file changes, it caches information for a certain time period and it
doesn't seem to cache services, only passwd, group, hosts.

   How often do you update /etc/services?

   You can always clear the cache by kicking ncsd.  If you're updating
/etc/services via an rpm,  you can kick ncsd in the postinstall script.

Actually, I found out differently just yesterday.

I was working on an issue caused by SELinux policy relating to nscd when using
TLS encrypted LDAP for authentication & user information.  During my testing,
I had to stop nscd and "rm /var/db/nscd/*" (which only has group, hosts &
passwd) and then restart nscd, in order to clear the cache.

Is there some mystery switch to do this that I'm missing?

mystery switch = -i

nscd -i passwd
nscd -i group
nscd -i hosts

# nscd --help
Usage: nscd [OPTION...]
Name Service Cache Daemon.

  -d, --debug                Do not fork and display messages on the
  -f, --config-file=NAME     Read configuration data from NAME
  -g, --statistic            Print current configuration statistic
  -i, --invalidate=TABLE     Invalidate the specified cache
  -K, --shutdown             Shut the server down
  -t, --nthreads=NUMBER      Start NUMBER threads
  -?, --help                 Give this help list
      --usage                Give a short usage message
  -V, --version              Print program version


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