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Re: Interesting results for getservbyname() performance (and possible changes for /etc/services)

Callum Lerwick wrote:
Err, how often are service lookups done? How performance critical is
this, really? Seems to me an application doing a large number of lookups
is best off just slurping in /etc/services itself (Or just keep its own
service list) and building its own hash table in RAM or whatnot. (Which
IIRC is what stuff like nmap and ethereal do...)

Benchmark a real application first, then optimize. ;P

Well, if you would have read my original post you'd have found the following paragraph in it:

Another thing that might be worth looking into is to run some analysis what services are most often requested on standard everyday machines and maybe move them more to the front so they get read and parsed earlier.


And doing those first few checks i did was important as with that information i can now optimize the common case a lot better as soon as i have run some real life tests on some workstations and servers here. And i can do that optimization application independent. If some application needs/wants to work with large portions of /etc/services repeatedly of course it needs to be optimized, but that won't help the hundreds of other applications, maybe even closed source ones.

Read ya, Phil

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