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Weird totem/gstreamer crash caused by missing alsa config files?

Hey all,

On my box here totem would crash the moment it started up every time
with the error:

	An error occured
	Could not open resource for writing

Kind of cryptic and completely lacking of any helpfull meaning of what
resource it is trying to open for writing, so after discounting other
options (gstreamer dependencies, etc) i fired up strace and tried to
find what file opens failed.

After wading thru tons of strace info using:
# strace -e trace=file /usr/bin/totem

I noticed that the final file opens that failed before giving that error
were for:

A simple touch for both those files fixed the problem, and totem starts
up normally again.

Now i've done a clean test1 install (and upgraded to rawhide/development
recent), and the soundcard (SB Audigy clasic, with digital out in use)
is configured perfectly too (unlike before when it only configured
analog out which i don't use), and system-config-soundcard playes test
sounds and everything fine too.

So what exactly does totem (or gstreamer?) need those files for, and why
weren't they generated in the first place if their so crucial? :-)

	-- Chris

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