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PHP requiring Apache

Hello, all:

PHP should not require Apache, since it may not be used with Apache. Apache-specific bits of PHP should therefore be moved to a sub-package.

Currently php packages require apache. It's an artificial requirement, since PHP does not depend on apache to run, and moreover, sometimes PHP can be used without Apache, for example when it's used with another server such as lighttpd, or in CGI mode with other applications. There are also places that write shell scripts in PHP, since it's "familiar to everyone who has to support them." Yes, I'm in one of such places, sadly.

So that apache doesn't get installed as dead weight in configurations where PHP is used without it, the bits and pieces of PHP that actually deal with Apache should be moved to a separate sub-package.

Thoughts? (Other than "php must die?")

Konstantin Ryabitsev
McGill University WSG
Montréal, Québec

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