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Re: Why not /usr/bin64?

On 01/14/2006 01:07 PM, Neal Becker wrote:
Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

Neal Becker schrieb:

1) 32bit in /usr/bin32, 64bit in /usr/bin64, and /usr/bin->/usr/bin64
2) 32bit in /usrbin32, 64bit in /usr/bin
Nice solution. However, what exactly is the problem that this solves?

Meant /usr/bin32.  Anyway, problem is how to install both 64 and 32 bit
versions of your favorite app.  Like, mozilla.  We x86_64 64bit users often
have to install a 32bit browser so that 32bit plugins will work.

Users don't care whether they have the 32 or 64 bit version in general. This would not be a big deal for you I bet if plugins worked with the 64bit binaries. That is the real problem you are trying to solve. This is the wrong way to solve it.

The real solution is the plugin vendors should provide 64bit versions.

If you want a workaround, try a "plugin plugin" which is a 64bit plugin meant to handle the 32bit plugins out of process. See http://www.gibix.net/projects/nspluginwrapper/ for a non-free implementation.

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