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Re: Azureus (Was: bittorrent in core? what frontend?)

Might be worth putting jakarta-common-cli into fedora or atleast your download directory?

After 2 hours of patient gcc recompiling to include that patch, i (not-java-voodoo-initiated) was faced with some google work to track down this package :-)

ps rpmlint was upset about these:
E: azureus standard-dir-owned-by-package /usr/share/icons
E: azureus explicit-lib-dependency libswt3-gtk2
W: azureus no-documentation

Especialy the owning /usr/share/icons seems to be relevant to be looked at?

On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 10:41 -0800, Anthony Green wrote:
I have a working Azureus now: http://people.redhat.com/green/FE/devel

This SRPM is only for the truly dedicated right now, as it requires a
last minute libgcj fix in order to run properly...

I don't know when Jakub plans on pulling a new GCC 4.1 snapshot, but the
fix will show up when that happens.


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