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Re: suspend/hibernate on desktops

You may find that patching your kernel with suspend2 (http://www.suspend2.net/) can give you much better results. The software is being actively developed and works quite well on a number of machines (as reported by people that are actually using it).

With Rawhide kernel (2.6.15-1.1854_FC5), suspend2 2.2-rc16 will require quite a bit of surgery to get it going, but the kernel from FC5T2 should be a breeze to patch.

For your reference:


Instructions (or close :-) on how to build patched kernel RPMS:


PS. If the above patches kill your box and eat your data, it's not going to be my fault. They also change the SPEC file to build i686 UP kernel only (which is what my notebook is).


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