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Squirrelmail [was Re: Dovecot 1.0]

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Reuben Farrelly wrote:

I'm thinking of a comment in bugzilla from John Dennis where he states "I'm being transitioned to other responsibilities and package ownership of dovecot is transferring at the same time. The new (yet to be determined) package maintainer for dovecot will need to pick up the ball on this issue.". So far no-one has picked up any ball, so who actually is the new maintainer?

On a somehow related topic squirrelmail needs some maintainer love too

Post a separate thread on squirrelmail with the relevant bug reports if any.


has been waiting for some maintainer action for two months and a half

The report points some easy fixes :

-Requires: httpd, php >= 4.0.4, perl, tmpwatch >= 2.8, aspell
+Requires: httpd, php >= 4.0.4, php-mbstring, perl, tmpwatch >= 2.8, aspell

-find -name '*.mo' |xargs rm
+#find -name '*.mo' |xargs rm

Nicolas Mailhot

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