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Re: Announcing Fedora Core 5 Test 2

Igor Jagec wrote:

Jesse Keating wrote:

Notable Features of FC5 Test2
* New Logo

It looks nice.

* Package selection within the installer has been reenabled.

Yep, but the problem is that now is much more time consuming for
selecting packages than it was in FC4. It has more package group
selections and has no option of Minimal Install in graphical mode. Do
you plan to improve that Pirut interface? I don't know but it seems to
me that now it takes more time to resolve dependencies comparing to FC4.
Performance improvements follow basic feature sets.

* Based on gcc4.1 for performance and security
* Gnome 2.13.4

What GNOME will be included in FC5, 2.12 or 2.14?

* Support for dmraid in the installer (motherboard based raid).
* Pirut (pronounced like a pirate): Package Installer, Remover, Updater
Tool.  Includes pup, the Package Updater Program.

Is it going to be included in FC5? Now it looks like it is in early
stage of development.
Yes. Planned to be included in FC5. Can we finally drop up2date and rhn-applet from the release?


P.S. I found some review of FC2t5, but with FC5t1 screenshots thoe (?)
Note those are FC5 test 2 (not FC2t5 ;-). I will write up a response to fedora-marketing list later on.

Fedora Bug Triaging - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers

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