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Re: rawhide stability

Erwin Rol wrote:
The thing I am a bit afraid of is that rawhide will end up being a "2.5
kernel". Because people hear it is so unstable and breaks a lot, many
people will probably just wait for a RC release before really testing
it. Just like the 2.5 kernel that nobody wanted to use, until Linus
called it 2.6. If that happens rawhide will get less and less testing,
and so the RC releases get more and more left over bugs. And that can't
be good for anybody.
   Heck,  the 2.6 kernel is a "2.5" kernel these days.

The core of the 2.6 kernel seems sound, but there's a "permanent revolution" in the network, block drivers and other things that are essential to a reliable system.

A lot of it is that the direction of Linux is being set by large corporations: the kind of organizations who can hire a team of ten kernel hackers to make the system reliable.

   If you want a reliable OS,  switch to Windows.

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