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Re: rawhide stability

Erwin Rol wrote:
Shouldn't rawhide become more stable over time ? I mean it is falling
apart at the moment.

There are no solid 100% expectations from rawhide.  It can break at any
time, and potentially in very serious and unexpected ways.  As time goes
on and a release nears, generally speaking, rawhide does become more and
more stable as a whole, but individual components very well can still
break at any given time.  A single one character typo in the kernel, X,
GNOME, a shell script, etc. can totally trash a system or otherwise make
it unuseable.  Fortunately such occurances are not a daily event, but
they do happen.

- SELinux doesn't work cause it doesn't allow programs to use sendto
(hence RPC/NFS is gone)
- audio mixer is death
- evolution crashes and has missing icons
- gnomepanel crashes randomly
- teminal font doesn't work for ncursus

And i am sure there are other new problems, that got in after Test2, it
seems after every test release there is added a bunch of unstable
software, no wonder it is never going to be ready on time :-/

Before somebody points out that rawhide is a "play ground", I know, but
at the moment I am just a bit frustrated with it because for me less and
less things work with rawhide :-/


Mike A. Harris  *  Open Source Advocate  *  http://mharris.ca
                      Proud Canadian.

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