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Re: Python namespace in packages

On 1/17/06, Ian Burrell <ianburrell gmail com> wrote:
> Python does have a namespace for imports.  It maps directly to
> directories and files in the site-packages tree.  The inconsistency is
> in the naming of projects and rpm packages.  A separate namespace for
> Python packages like with Perl modules should.

Yeah, that's what the script on Mandrake list does. I'm wondering if
the provide should be versioned somehow because a package
python-elementtree could provide
/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/elementtree and another
python-elementtree could provide
/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/elementtree. However, using the
algorithm as-is we're looking at a Provides that says both packages
provide the same thing when in reality, they do not.

The Provides string could be made more robust such that it would
alleviate the 3 billion questions to Yum list about why yum doesn't
work. Many times the problem is rooted in the wrong python version lib
installed as people have migrated systems from one release of fedora
to another.

So, potentially, the following would cover our bases:

Provides: python2.3(elementtree)
Provides: python2.4(elementtree)

This would be relatively to script-kiddie out as long as everyone sees
the value in it.


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