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Writing cd/dvd


There are some issues with writing a cd with nautilus-burner. I wanted
to put a file on a cd-rw but this cd-rw wasn't blank. I couldn't find
anywhere in nautilus an option to erase the cd-rw first. I looked in
help and it's described there how to do it but the checkbox to do it
isn't there.
So I started k3b (the only reason why I have qt installed on my system)
so I could erase my cd-rw. K3b failed because gnome automounted my
cd-rw. I wanted to unmount it, but when I right click on the cd-rw icon
in computer:/// there is only 'eject' this ejects my cd but when I put
it back gnome will mount it again.
So I had to fire up a terminal and manually unmount my cd-rw. I erased
it in k3b.
Now I have a blank cd-rw so it wanted to write it with nautilus.
Everything is goes fine, but the strange thing is between creating the
image and writing it nautilus says: "erasing cd". :-)

There seem to be some bugs:
1) You can only eject a cd but can't unmount it, maybe the program
should do it?
2) nautilus-burner hasn't got an option to erase a rw. It used to have
it, it doesn't need to have if it would autodetect it. I think this
should happen but it doesn't do it.
3) It seems to erase a rw when it detects it, if it's empty or not

Should there some bug filed for these problems?



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