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Re: libtrash in fedora Core 5

fre, 20 01 2006 kl. 12:59 +0100, skrev Bernhard Suttner:
> Helo fedora people, 
> I had a big problem yesterday. I have deleted some important files on a
> ext3 filesystem. As you know, with ext3 you can not undelete files (I
> have tested undelete, recover, unrm, grep, e2undel and many more). 
> So I have searched for a "solution" to the "delete" problem, and I have found
> libtrash. If you have installed libtrash, all files you delete go into a directory "trash". If you are sure, you can delete the file really. 
> Would it be possible to add libtrash to the Fedora Core 5? 

This behavior is already the default within the GNOME desktop, why do we
need to ensure this insanity works the same way in cli.. I can just
imagine the horror.

If you delete stuff, it should go away - I'm even in favor of having a
bit of code to ensure that the files vanish for good and beyond all hope
of recovery. If you delete the wrong stuff in cli, you have it coming.

David *who absolutely hates taking out the trash* Nielsen

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