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Re: Mono apps: Banshee and iFolder

Am Samstag, den 21.01.2006, 16:22 +0000 schrieb Paul F. Johnson:

> Please also remember that until the FE board meets this Thursday, there
> will be no mono related packages accepted into FE (based on the
> discussion following me asking if my packaging of mysql-connector-net
> can be added into FE this last week).

Well, there was a discussion on that topic. But I said there that
someone has to bring in a proposal to FESCo until Monday that lays down
why FESCo should forbid packages based on Mono in Fedora Extras. Noting
showed up in my inbox or on fedora-extras-list until now -- and from
looking at the rest of the discussion it seems to me that no one will
post such a proposal. But maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, *If* no one posts such a proposal then packages based on mono
simply are allowed in Fedora Extras because they are allowed in Core.

If such a proposal shows up FESCo will discuss it and probably vote on
it in the next Meeting (Thursday, 18:00 UTC, #fedora-extras)

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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