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Re: Removing Evolution on Rawhide

On 1/21/06, Igor Jagec <igorm5 vip hr> wrote:
> Well, if it's not possible to have Beagle without Evolution than I'll
> have it installed.

How about you track down exactly why the "evolution-sharp" requires
"evolution" instead of just requiring "evolution-data-server."

The cuplrit is evolution-sharp's dependancy on libeshell.so.0 which is
part of the evolution package.  The deep question here is can
libeshell.so.0 be put into a subpackage so that the evolution
application doesn't get pulled in when other applications need this
specific library.
This might even be a question for gnome upstream.. libeshell.so.0 may
need to be moved over as part of evolution-data-server instead of
being a part of evolution.

It's not even really the fedora packager's fault... this dep was
picked up by rpmbuild's automatic library dependancy mechanisms.


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