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Re: New artwork!

On Saturday 21 January 2006 04:43, Horst von Brand wrote:
> Very nicely done, congrats!
> One small(ish) nit (due to the current flamefest around here, in part): Why
> the "core" in "Fedora core"? AFAICS, that is just /one/ part of the whole
> collection under the Fedora umbrella. Just "Fedora" would be enough.

  It is funny because Aaron Seigo from kde fame complains in his blog about 
the lack of distinction between the product and the project for KDE.

  Fedora has this distinction in place, Fedora is the project, Fedora Core is 
the product.

  This almost looks like a machine that we have here called ssh. Sometimes it 
can be confusing to understand if we are talking about the program, the 
protocol or the machine especially if there is some noise in the 
background. :-)

  Just my 0.02 € to this discussion. :-)

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José Abílio

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