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Re: Size optimization (WAS: Re: FORTIFY_SOURCE for the kernel)


Dogtail gets around this problem by adding a sleep after every action;
the duration of the sleep is configurable; I've occasionally tried
removing it, but so many scripts break or become unreliable that I
prefer to err on the side of reliability: dogtail's main focus has been
in testing functionality, rather than performance.
What you will be able to see from dogtail is if an application starts
taking a lot longer than before to bring up its UI, or to respond to
input.  So it should be possible to get a coarse estimate of "it's
slower", or "it's faster", which could be a useful metric.

If anyone wants to take this up, or has further ideas, we might be able
to add some kind of performance monitoring mode into dogtail.


What systemtap and dogtail needs to do is get a load of useful stock scripts that can be used to do some of the typical tasks and then send feedback to a system published somewhere maybe with a reference to the rawhide reports. Then discuss some progress with what has been accomplished with it on a regular basis. That would get some interest and participation in the effort. Currently the ideas sound good but the action isnt just there yet.

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