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Re: rawhide report: 20060124 changes

* Mon Jan 23 2006 Kristian Hテクgsberg <krh redhat com> 0.5.0-2
- Spec file update from Brian Pepple <bdpepple ameritech net> (#123527):
  - Drop Requires for gtk2 & poppler, devel soname pulls these in.
  - Disable GConf schema install in install section.
  - Add BR for gnome-doc-utils, nautilus & libXt-devel.
  - Use smp_mflags.
  - Drop BR for desktop-file-utils,gcc & gcc-c++.
  - Add URL & full source.
  - Use more macros.
  - Fix ownership of some directories.
  - Drop depreciated prereq, and use requires.
  - Use fedora extras preferred buildroot.
  - Various formatting changes.

Anybody else noticed in recent evince builds it has stopped being able to display lines in PDFs output from OpenOffice Draw?
I'm using all the yesterday's rawhide and it's not an OOo problem as they load and display fine in acrobat. Odd problem as other PDFs appear to be ok.

If it's not a known problem I'll file a bug report with screen shots. It's odd though.
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