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Re: When %{?dist} tag is needed?

Yuan Yijun wrote:
Hi, Warren

What I want to know is when to use %{?dist} tag and why only these
rawhide rpms (see attachment) are still have an %{?dist} tag in its
name, while others not. Is DistTag only valid for FE before Oct 2003?


C-4. Dist tag
In cases where the same SRPM and patchlevel is used between two or more
distributions supported by Fedora, a dist tag is appended to the end of
the release tag defined in C-2 and C-3.


Using the %{?dist} Tag
If you wish to use a single spec file to build for multiple
distributions, you can use the %{?dist} tag in the Release field.
Please refer to the DistTag documentation for the details on the
appropriate way to do this.

Having read these paragraphs I feel that I'm doing something really bad...

Core and Extras use different build systems. The %{?dist} tag advice applies to Extras and the tag has no effect in the Core buildsystem, so things are hardcoded there instead.


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