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Re: libtrash in fedora Core 5

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Hell,you might be able to go as far as to make the desktop trash and
the cli trash command agree on where to store the trash and blur the
line between cli and desktop even more.. but is it really appopriate
to blur that line? I'm not convinced its in the best interest of
anyone to make the cli child-safe.  If the cli is a chainsaw, that
needs to be used with care... making it easier to get to and start
that chainsaw.. probably isn't the best way to make it safe, no matter
how many safety feature you add. We need to provide other tools, safer
tools, so users don't reach for that chainsaw everytime they need to
get a task accomplished. At some point you have to rely on users
respecting the dangers of the chainsaw and knowing when its
appropriate to use the chainsaw and how to use it safely.

Actually, it would be quite nice to be able to manipulate the desktop trash via the CLI... Good for writing scripts.

As for alternative filesystems, ext3 and ext2 are the only filesystems I'd run on a machine where I cared about file integrity. Reiser, XFS and JFS have file integrity issues AS DESIGNED -- integrity issues that have caused problems in production systems that I run.

Undelete is possible on ext2, but ext3 shreds directory entries for deleted files as a mechanism that (get this) protects fs integrity in a crash. You're trading undelete and a bit of performance for no fsck after a crash: it can take forever to fsck a 300G volume, so most people choose no fsck.

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