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New /etc/services for testing available

Hi folks.

I'd like to get some feedback on a hugely updated /etc/services i've done today.

It basically merges the old /etc/services with almost all current official IANA services.

I've tried to make sure the file is sane and in order, but due to the huge amount of new services i'd like to give it some selected exposure and feedback before i think about putting it into our setup package.

The file can be downloaded from here:


Just dump it as a replacement in /etc (maybe making a copy of the old /etc/services first, but shouldn't be necessary as the first part of the file is identical to our old one).

I'd especially like to get some feedback from people using it on network servers or monitoring machines where apps like nmap, tcpdump and ethereral are run. My main interest is if any errors pop up and if anyone gets performance problems (because for worst case scenarios it can now take up to 15 times as long for getservbyname() to complete).

Thanks in advance,

Read ya, Phil

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