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Re: PROPOSAL: restructure the choice of input methods

>>>>> On Fri, 2 Jun 2006 23:39:13 -0400,
>>>>> "JT" == John Thacker <thacker math cornell edu> wrote:

JT> If I understand your proposal, this would mean that some default
JT> input method (whether scim or uim) would be started in all locales,
JT> even though that typical don't need it or don't use it currently.


JT> That's actually helpful for people like me who run in en_US locale
JT> but want to use an input method for Japanese or other languages
JT> occasionally.  For people who normally don't use input methods at
JT> all, would this cause a problem, or would it be configured so that
JT> the default would be essentially no input method?  People who aren't
JT> used to input methods could be very confused if Shift+Space or something
JT> else started turning on an input method.

Good question. I'm planning to provide the input method GUI
configuration tool and with an option like "never use input
methods", to disable the whole input methods for people who
don't want to use input methods at all. but the default
behavior will enables input methods as scim has already done
in rawhide.

Ideally even if it's running by default for all the locales,
any problems shouldn't be happened and if there are, it
should be fixed. also we are trying to improve the
keybinding stuff with having them in each IMEs. as IME
specific hotkey I mean. I hope it would be helpful in that
case. If you have any issues, please file a bug into
bugzilla. we would appreciate your bug report.


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