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Re: Rawhide and ATI R3xx?

Adam Jackson írta:
Chris Adams wrote:
What is the word on the latest X builds and the ATI R300 DRI driver?
I'm (finally!) going to have some time to test rawhide, and since my
notebook (Thinkpad Z60m) is one that locked up hard when loading it
(before it was disabled for FC5), I figured I'd take a look in that

Basically, has anything changed since FC5 - is it enabled, might it work
(or at least not kill my system)?  If it isn't currently enabled, how
can I go about testing it to see if it has improved?

R300 DRI support is enabled in rawhide, and I'm loathe to turn it off again, feels like running away from the problem. WFM on an X800 (yes, it works for R400 series cards too). There's been some fixes in CVS but they're tough to backport individually, I'm mostly waiting for a new Mesa release before that can happen.

More broadly about the radeon support: Rawhide's radeon driver is unpatched 6.6.0, which is the version included in Xorg 7.1. FC5 however went out with and currently has 6.5.8 in either updates or updates-testing, I forget which. 6.6.0 is better in most cases I've found. I probably won't be able to backport it to FC5 without also backporting 7.1, which might be an unpopular move - new ABI in 7.1 breaks fglrx, etc.

The plan I'm currently considering is to push 7.1 to FC5 updates-testing at the same time as FC6 test1. I'm open to suggestions on the scheduling there though.

If you do that then please use the CVS radeon driver (post 6.6.0)
as it has important bugfixes. Unfortunately, they haven't done
a release for a longish time. The version string in 6.6.0 still
indicates 6.5.7 which the CVS version also fixes.

Best regards,
Zoltán  Böszörményi

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