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Re: gdm and gnome-applets broken?

On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 10:12 +0200, Émeric Maschino wrote:
> Hi,
> With today's updates, gdm can't start and I'm getting a text dialog box
> telling me that the X server has been disabled for 5 minutes. No error
> message in Xorg.0.log though. Switching to runlevel 3, I can start a
> GNOME session from the CLI by invoking startx. This suggested me that
> the problem may be due to the updated gdm-2.15.3-5 package. I didn't
> find the previous one (gdm-2.15.3-3 that was working correctly for me)
> on the different fedora mirrors, so I reinstalled the one shipped with
> FC5 and runlevel 5 is working correctly again.

This should be fixed in today's rawhide with gdm-1:2.15.3-6, and also in
FC5-updates with gdm-1:2.14.4-1.fc5.3.  If you'd like to fix it right
away, edit your /usr/share/gdm/defaults.conf file, and replace
occurances of "/usr/X11R6/bin" with "/usr/bin".

> Moreover, when the GNOME desktop is loaded, I'm getting a dialog box
> telling me that there's something wrong with the mixer applet and I'm
> asked whether I want to remove this applet from the desk or not. These
> issues are on an Itanium box. No idea if other architectures are
> affected too.

Both these issues affect all architectures AFAIK.  If there's not
already a bug for the mixer applet issue, please file one.  The gdm
issue has already been filed and fixed.


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