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Re: Mozilla situation

Marco Pesenti Gritti is working on a "xulrunner" package which had already
been committed to "rawhide" about 2 months ago but retracted later on. I
have rebuilt "epiphany" 2.14.x and 2.15.x aginst "xulrunner" and this
solves some long-standing problem, see:


Btw, the latest version 2.15.2 of "epiphany" cannot even be built
against "mozilla" anymore. That is the reason why the package in "rawhide"
is stuck at version 2.15.1.

One can thus expect, that "xulrunner" will reappear sometime soon. At that
point, there will be no reason to have "mozilla" in "rawhide" any longer,
because "firefox" is a standalone package, and "epiphany" will not require
it anymore. It will then probably be removed ore moved to "extras". This
applies to FC6 but the package can also be built for FC5.

> Given that FC5 is still going to be supported for a while and that it
> does include Mozilla 1.7.13, what's going to be the course of action
> now that Mozilla isn't supported any more? Are RH developers going to
> continue patching the suite, or will it be obsoleted and replaced with
> something else?
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> Bojan
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