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Re: Does headless X require runlevel 5?

Janina Sajka wrote:
Brett Serkez writes:
Runlevel 5 is broken. I'm presuming I need to get it working--but do I
need to focus on the local video hardware even though I'm not supporting
a local display? It would seem to me that the local video hw would not
be relevant to remote gui access--but I don't understand X particularly,
Correct.  X is client-server, so remote users are running their own
X-server.  When connected via ssh -X, any gui programs will use the
remote user's display.  There is no need to run an X-server on a
system unless you plan on using the GUI on the console.

so I'm confused on what fix to pursue and how.
You can run any UNIX/Linux system 'headless", without a GUI on the console.

Yes, I thought so. Glad for the confirmation.

Modify /etc/inittab, change the 5 to 3:



This will change the default boot run-level for future boots.

As root, you can use the command:

# init 3

to force an immediate switch to run-level three which will bring down
the GUI on the console.

Yes, got all that. Then I do:

vncserver start
Starting VNC server: no displays configured                [  OK  ]
And then ...

service vncserver status
Xvnc is stopped

This part doesn't seem correct. Is that to do with /etc/X11 and/or
/etc/gdm configuration alone? Or something else?
Two further bits of config are required at minimum:
1. in: /etc/sysconfig/vncserver , example is given.
2. firewall: allow the tcp port (5900+) the vncserver number you chose in 1 to come through.

Config hasn't changed since FC4 eg: http://fedoranews.org/tchung/vnc/index.shtml


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