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Re: Fedora Test Project

On 6/10/06, Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:

Red Hat's started the project here: http://testing.108.redhat.com/

After having read many pages on the site, I am afraid to say I have
absolutely no clue what it's about. It refers to development in the
most vague sense and I'm really puzzled by what it has to do with any
of Red Hat's testing infrastructure. I think the goal of a good
project should be immediately apparent from the first page.

It mentions on the front page:

"108 is for:
- Enterprise developers building solutions around open source technology
- Systems integrators combining open source and proprietary software
- Developers looking to discuss, learn, and collaborate"

But what exactly is 108? All that I can gather so far is that it is a
forum about all and any stages of software development but with no
specific projects or goals.

A good example of the confusing descriptions can also be found on the
front page:
"Rojo Dojo
Our home of the leading and bleeding. This category is ready to
oversee interesting, strange, crazy, and unexpected new projects. In
the meantime, we are finding a world of existing content and projects
that are very Rojo Dojo."

I think it would be good to have some clearer descriptions and
outlines. I would suggest some myself, but I still don't understand
what 108 is about. Maybe I am just missing the point of the project. I
hope that this criticism can be taken constructively.

I'd be interested in getting involved in the project (once I grasp
what it's purpose is).


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