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Re: Changing the default font in Fedora Core 6

Le dimanche 11 juin 2006 à 23:37 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod a écrit :
> On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 20:50 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > This is one reason why changing the default font to one which has an
> > active (and reactive) upstream you can report problems to is a Good
> > Thing™
> However the problem with DejaVu at this point seems to be lack of
> separate stable and developmental branches (or at least the Extra
> package seems to follow developmental if any).

In your case you asked for blocking of arabic and farsi and you got
blocking of arabic and farsi (no thanks to any support on your part -
like you don't know fontconfig innards better than me)

The "no separate stable and devel" is a your new thing, and so far
1. you're the only one making it a blocker
2. users are deliriously happy to have the bugs they report squashed in
the following month instead of waiting half a year or more to see these
3. should we pull the kernel too?

> I don't think pushing it as is into core is acceptable.

This I think everyone has understood.
BTW I think I'm bloody nice going out of my way making farsiweb work
then farsi speakers didn't even spent the time to push it to Fedora Core
or Extras. Another maintainer would have told you if it's not in Fedora
Core/Extras it does not exist.

Yes I'm a bit mad. You have a font which embodies everything Fedora
stands for, you have users begging for it for months, you have other
distributions making it default one after the other, you don't have any
suitable alternative, your have a nice upstream¹ but some people have
been stonewalling Rahul's request since it was filled (you'll notice it
was *exactly* the same response to Vera, first it was not good enough
then a few releases later - with zero changes on Vera part Red Hat
suddenly discovered it). If only the blocking was done because some work
was pending on another solution or to make the proposal suitable but
that's not the case. That's blocking for blocking sake.

And then when the LSB tells distributions ISVs think the Linux font
situation suck they get replied Red Hat does not want to be a foundry.
But if Red Hat does not want to be a foundry, it could bloody work with
existing projects instead of blocking them and not doing anything

If people think I'm not PC here, well I've just sacrificed my week-end
to work on the issues Behdad wanted fixed, and now he has found brand
new arguments. I understand he may not like DejaVu because it's
regularly finding bugs/missing features in font infrastructure -
including pango - but this is going too far.

¹ Fast responsive understanding and humble when they have all earned the
right to play prima donnas by FOSS usual standards

Nicolas Mailhot

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