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Re: Changing the default font in Fedora Core 6

Le Lun 12 juin 2006 14:56, Roozbeh Pournader a écrit :
> روز دوشنبه، 2006-06-12 ساعت 09:11 +0200، Nicolas Mailhot نوشت:
>> BTW I think I'm bloody nice going out of my way making farsiweb work
>> then farsi speakers didn't even spent the time to push it to Fedora Core
>> or Extras. Another maintainer would have told you if it's not in Fedora
>> Core/Extras it does not exist.
> Would you please explain what does the FarsiWeb reference supposed to
> mean here? I fail to understand it and have absolutely no clue what you
> mean by it.

Behdad complained than making DejaVu first choice in Sans/Serif/Monospace
aliases would make life miserable for farsiweb users, since DejaVu has a
growing arabic block.

So I spent quite a long time finding how to create a subpackage that when
installed would replace the arabic block of DejaVu by that of another font
(using fontconfig magic). Only to find out that a yum search farsiweb on
FC/FE repos returns no hits.

On hindsight, Farsi speakers probably systematically make FarsiWeb fonts
their defaults (I don't know where they download their fonts from), so
maybe I shouldn't have bothered with this.

> BTW, I am a co-founder of FarsiWeb, which is a project with a goal of
> better support for Persian and other languages of Iran in software and
> standards. I can't understand how FarsiWeb had stopped working and you
> made it work.

BTW at some point in time after doing arabic for arab countries DejaVu
will probably do Arabic for Farsi, so if FarsiWeb people want to be
involved either as glyph authors or as glyph reviewers they are welcome.

If DejaVu has strong cyrillic and greek blocks that's because the greek
and cyrillic communities got involved at one point. The blocks weren't
born perfect.


Nicolas Mailhot

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