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Re: Changing the default font in Fedora Core 6

روز دوشنبه، 2006-06-12 ساعت 10:39 -0400، John (J5) Palmieri نوشت:
> There was talk at the LSB about standardizing default fonts in
> distributions so web pages and documents look the same across the board
> (right now if you take an OO.o document created and SuSE and open it in
> Fedora the layout gets screwed).

Please note that this is a very difficult thing to do with free software
fonts and layout systems unless you heavily stabilize things. If you
want to achieve consistent layout, you need to stabilize your layout
engine, your software, and your fonts. For kerning, say, this means that
you won't be able to add new kerning information to the font (or improve
existing pairs), you won't be able to fix page layout bugs in OO.o, and
you can't even fix some kerning bugs in Pango.

The only free software that has done this successfully is TeX (for the
same goal of achieving same layout everywhere). And that was really
achieved because: a) All the three components, page layout, text
rendering (really line layout), and the fonts, were maintained by Don
Knuth and he froze them after he personally put years of effort into
them; and b) The LaTeX project remains bug-compatible with previous
versions of itself, and is a very slow project anyway (the last stable
release was in 2004 IIRC, and that was after a long time).


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