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Re: Request for comments: Laptop improvements

On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 17:21 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:
> The other thing that would be really nice is the shutdown of unused
> devices when not in use in battery mode. EG. Windows will shut the
> ethernet port etc if its not in use at the time to extend the battery
> life.

We've already discussed selective suspend on the HAL mailing list, but I
really want to wait until the kernel provides us with a more sane
interface. Then we can add the methods to HAL, and then bring policy to
the desktop.

> Better bluetooth support (but I think someone is doing this as part of
> the gnome SoC)

Yes, mjg59 is doing great. See the HAL archives for screenshots of what
he's achieved so far.

> Finally (and not sure if this is already implemented or not) support
> of an 'aeroplane mode' which allows you to shut off the radio on the
> BT and Wireless adapter with appropriate support in NetworkManager.

Sorry to sound like a broken record :-) This comes under the selective
runtime per-device thing (as above) and is being worked on.


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