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Re: last minute release notes for test1

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 07:40 -0700, John Reiser wrote:
> As of test1(FC5), an install from .iso images on a local filesystem
> would prevent the installer from mounting that filesystem in the newly-
> installed system, even when the filesystem containing the .isos
> would not be formatted by the install.  This may seem minor,
> but it is an installer limitation that makes no sense to a newbie.

s/to a newbie// 

What bug number?

> As of test1(FC5), an NFS install from a default installation of the
> previous system (FC4) would fail because the firewall on the old box
> prevents NFS from working. 

Firewall breaks network. Film at 11.

> If your download tool gave protection 0600 (-rw-------) to the .isos
> on the exporting system, then the installer cannot see them, and the
> installer's error message does not pinpoint the problem.

File a bug for the useless error message?

Note that I wasn't actually talking about an NFS install from .iso
images -- I was talking about a normal NFS install from the install tree

Anyone doing periodic tests of rawhide as the release approaches would
surely be rsyncing the expanded tree rather than downloading a full new
set of ISO images each time? And then it's a _very_ small amount of
network traffic to update that rawhide tree to the final release,
instead of yet another full download.


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