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groupware for Fedora

Hey all,

A while back i wrote that i was trying to get Open-Xchange working on
Fedora (meaning no Sun Java stuff). Since the Open-Xchange authors
decided that all non-source code (all source code is GPL) will fall
under the CC-Non-commercial license, it will be impossible to include
Open-Xchange in Fedora (or Debian, or any Free distribution). Now the
authors spoke about trying to solve this problem, and as it looks now
their solution will be to split the source code and non-source code
parts in two packages, one with the java source code (GPL), and one with
HTML/pictures (CC-non-commercial). This is of course no solution at all,
since you need both parts to use Open-Xchange, so with that it is clear
that Open-Xchange in its current version will never be Free software,
and so unusable for Fedora/Debian users.

The only solution to get Open-Xchange into Fedora is to fork the source
from the 0.7.x (current is 0.8.x) branch that still was fully GPL, add
the 0.8.x GPL parts and rewrite the missing parts, and release it under
a new name (Open-Xchange is a trademark). This is of course a _lot_ of
work. That work might be better spend on another groupware, so the
question is, what would be a good groupware for Fedora ?

I know of open-xchange, egroupware, opengroupware, simplegroupware and
kolab. Opengroupware seems the best to me, but i noticed that egroupware
has a "Sponsored by Red Hat" on its web page. All seem to have their
pros and cons. For example OG has a nice webmail, but that of egroupware
is rather minimal. (actually i think OG is one of the few that speaks

Is there, or would there be others that are interested in, a Fedora
Groupware project ?  



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