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Re: strip in rpmbuild

rc040203 freenet de (Ralf Corsepius) writes:

>> > The question is, how can i control what files are to be stripped and
>> > what "strip" to use ?
>> * | %global __strip /usr/<your-arch>/bin/strip
>>   should work
> This way, you change rpm to use the target's "strip" for stripping host
> binaries.

And? When you read the whole posting you would have seen that the
cross-binutils were configured to work both with host and target

| $ echo 'int main() {}' >foo.c
| $ gcc foo.c -o foo-host
| $ arm-xscale-linux-gnu-gcc foo.c -o foo-target
| $ arm-xscale-linux-gnu-strip foo-host
| $ arm-xscale-linux-gnu-strip foo-target

>> * you could try to inject something like
>>   | PATH=/usr/<cross-arch>/bin:$PATH
>>   e.g. at the end of %install (don't know whether that works; perhaps
>>   you have to play with %__spec_install_post). Using such a path will
>>   cover tools like objdump
> Definitely no.
> Putting /usr/<cross-arch>/bin in $PATH will render cross toolchains
> unusable and will confuse configure scripts.

Please learn a little bit about rpm packaging. "the end of %install" and
%__spec_install_post will be expanded after the %configure call...

>> * you should build your cross binutils with
>>   | --enable-targets=<cross-arch>,%_host
>>   to make the tools work with host binaries.
> All you are doing here, is making binutils aware about several targets, 
> I fail to see what this would be useful for,

You should really read the whole posting and not only single phrases...


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