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yum vs apt


The questions: "which is better?" and "why make this default instead of that?" 
were probably discussed, and I don't want to start such a discussion now.

I just want to ask, why such the situations are possible and if there is a 
plan to avoid this:

On FC5 I was using only 'yum'. According to this tool all the dependencies 
were satisfied. But today I've installed 'apt' from extras, and 
running "apt-get update && apt-get -s dist-upgrade" returned:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  docbook-dtds: PreDepends: openjade (= 1.3.2)

"rpm -q --requires docbook-dtds" indeed showed, that openjade is required.
Why yum have not installed that?

Jaroslaw Gorny
jaroslav aster pl

Version: 3.12
GMU/E/CS d+/-- s+: a- c++ UL++/US P+>++ L+++>++++
E>++ W N++ o? K w--- !O M V- PS+++ PE++ Y PGP>++ t 5
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