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Re: Base directories not owned by any package

Hello Matthias,

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Matthias Saou wrote:
> Searching some bugzilla entries, I found these open bugs regarding /dev
> and other basic directories that aren't owned by any packages. Maybe
> someone on this list could take care of these since they all seem to
> be EasyFixes?

thank you very much for being a gentleman. But congratulation should went
to Jeff as he programmed the runtime check into rpm 4.4.6 to avoid orphan
directories...just another reason for accepting bug #174307 ;-)

There are even many more orphan directories and symbolic links, but they
are unfortunately not EasyFix. Some of these, I recognized and tracked
down in Bugzilla, too:

 "Lots of /usr/share/locale/* are not owned by a package":

 "Move /etc/firmware to /lib/firmware":

 "Packaged symbolic link to an unpackaged file":

 "Move /lib/modules/<version>/{build,source} to -devel package":

And as already said, I believe there are many many more. Just install
latest RPM version from www.wraptastic.org/pub/rpm-4.4.x/ and enter a

 `rpm -Va --nofiles | grep -v "Unsatisfied" | sort -u`

in a terminal to see further orphans caused by insane packaging...


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