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Re: Anaconda based on yum in FC6 ??

Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
On 6/27/06, Harry Smith <thingsmith comcast net> wrote:
I know that the change in to use yum to add or delete rpm in FC5 has given me an opportunity to learn about the internals of yum. (management speak for a royal pain.) The systems that I build and use do not have access to the net even at dial-up rates. (As FC5 point to RH5, I hope that this is
not one of the changes that RH is considering for v5. )

I would hate to think that FC6 would not even install it was isolated from
the net.   In fact, I would hope serious discussion and consideration
happening about reversing the thinking in FC5 for adding and removing
packages.  This is a good example of on paper sounds good but fails in
practice.  I like to be able to add and remove packages without being
connected to the net or having to having to change between different yum
configuration files.

I think you have some rather basic misconceptions about the way yum
works. Yum doesn't require net access to function -- all repositories
can be just pointing at local resources, using file:///.

Moreover,  "serious discussion and consideration" happens here all the
time, and you seem to be the first one to claim that it "sounds good
on paper but fails in practice." If you have specific problems with
the way yum package management works in offline mode, then please
bring them up namely. Saying "yum sucks" simply makes us regard you as
a troll (that's management speak for "troll").

pirut does not have an option to install from cds/dvds which system-conig-packages was able to, but this is a known issue

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