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Re: Anaconda based on yum in FC6 ??

thingsmith comcast net wrote:

A couple of things. I did not say that yum sucks. In fact, I like yum. Since I have learned how to do this I have set up my own private repository and am using a variant to do configuration management for my server farms. What I am commenting on is the assumption made in FC5 that every one by default is connected to broadband internet connections.

There is no such assumption being made. There is further work needed in Pirut and Yum to support media and there wasnt enough time for completing this in FC5 timeframe.

I would not like to see this assumption carried forward to FC6. Internet access statistic do not support this as one that support that vast majority of users. In fact, this does not even support the majority of the users. On the FC6 page, one of the considerations is to have Anaconda back-ended by yum and I know that yum can only work to respository such as web sites or directories, I am curious to understand how this modification will work.
You are assuming that Anaconda would require a internet connection just because it uses yum's dependency logic mechanism which is not true.

As for a specifc complaint, my compliant is the basic assumption that every who installs FC has broadband access to the internet. The information that I have seen show that in 2003 of the 105 M homes with internet access only 33 M had broadband.
Again there is no such assumption.

So beside my case where I do not have any external internet acces, I have seen similar comments on the bug reports about people who only have dial-up having to do multiple yum configuration files to overcome the assumption.

You might want to take a look at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=188750.


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